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I have never blogged before today. So why did I start today? Well I have a lot to say and no place to say it. Facebook is where I share my life with the world. Like most people on Facebook I share pictures of my family, places I have been and keep up to date on the fake news. One thing I don’t do on Facebook (normally) is share my views on politics, religion, etc.

I made the mistake of posting some news articles on Facebook during the presidential election and I got blasted for it by family and friends. I don’t mind when someone challenges my opinion. That is not the problem at all. For me, the problem is the mixing of family/friends and politics/religion/opinion in one forum. To me it’s like talking politics or religion at your big family thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is enjoying sharing pictures and spending time together and then uncle Ted makes an off color comment about religion and uncle Alex and Aunt Mary take offense to it and the battle begins. It is not something I want and I don’t recommend it to anyone. I do, however, have friends that post their views and opinions on Facebook and thats ok but I struggle with not responding to their posts. I have something to say but I know it will not be well recevied and I’m not looking to start a fight. I just have an opinion and I need a place to share it.

So my plan for this blog is to share my view on a number of topics. However, the primary topic will be Atheism. I am an atheist and I know from personal experience that most people don’t understand Atheism. I hope to teach people what it means to be an atheist from the point of view of an atheist and not from the point of view of a theist or religious person. People of religion have no clue what it’s like to be an atheist but they sure do like to act like they do and they share their biased information with the world. I hope to counter that by providing a clear understanding of Atheism.