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A couple years ago my daughter wrote this poem for a high school literature class assignment. She was required to select a controversial topic in current events. She selected Kim Davis. If you don’t remember, Kim Davis was the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky that defied a U.S. federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is my daughters poem about Davis and the events of August 2015.


She walked along a noisy road, a bible in her hand.
She sneers, she whines, and all because,
She detests man with man.
Unforgivable, she complained.
A horrid sin, she swore.
A twist like this would no doubt make her job less of a bore.
They came to be rightfully wed.
Smiling, they held their hands.
Little did they know, Davis had a very different plan.
A martyr, she was hailed by friends.
A bigot, others claim.
“She did nothing wrong, you fiends!”
“Of course she deserved blame!”
Behind the bars, she heard the words
of those both dumb and wise.
She thought, “Oh my, I’ve caused a stir.”
No regret in her eyes.
You can see her on TV –
on channels everywhere.
“But my religion!” She yells out.
She’s just too much to bare.
Her supporters sat and watched her, wallow in self pity.
“Religious freedom!” They argued,
Except only for me.
“This is oppression!” They complained,
Such a pathetic act…
Separation of church and state,
Now, what happened to that?